5 Skills That Every Successful Salesperson Needs


What are the traits of a great salesperson today?

The top salespeople who close the most deals are nothing like the old stereotype of the sleazy car salesman who aggressively pushes and cons his prospective customers into closing a deal.

Technology has reshaped the world of sales in the last few decades, with remote sales jobs growing more than 16 times faster than “field sales” (sales done in person). Salespeople can no longer get away with just charm and cheap tricks, since today’s buyers are much more educated. Because of the wealth of information on the internet, customers already know everything about you and your competitors before they’re even┬átalking to you.

As sales continues to evolve in the next few years, with even more ways to automate and accelerate the sales cycle with big data, read here the five traits that every great salesperson needs to have.