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By January 4, 2019Brittain Blog
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Professional engagement using telemarketing

If you’re looking for a telemarketing partner, look for one that has quality staff with industry expertise, low staff turnover, little or no commissions, and is equipped with the latest technology.

A decent telemarketing partner will assist with campaign planning, training, qualifying call lists and outline scripts. Finally, make sure your chosen partner can provide the visibility required – call reporting, call monitoring etc.

What does a great call look like?

The sign of a great call is when the customer doesn’t see it as telemarketing at all, instead they see it as an intellectual conversation with like-minded individuals for the benefit of professional engagement. Basically, it’s a great service call!

Key principles for professional engagement

By applying the following principles for professional engagement using telemarketing you are more likely to achieve successful outcomes:

  1. A long-term approach

Use an organisation with employees that are professionally committed and see their role as a career, not a commission-based stepping stone into a sales related role. 

  1. Ensure ongoing training and personal development

Telemarketing agencies that have training and personal development in place establish standards of best practice, which in turn achieves quality results.

  1. Brand development and reputation

A professional telemarketing campaign is a vital part of brand development and reputation. It provides the opportunity to complement and advance goals through one-to-one interaction to achieve a positive customer experience.

  1. Campaign planning

A carefully planned campaign with the following elements will maximise the chances of success:

  • Know your goals!
  • Establish expected standards
  • Identify your ideal customer
  • Select a quality database
  • Select a professional telemarketing partner with proven industry experience
  • Look to learn from your telemarketing partners
  • Establish a clear call structure
  • Aim for well-informed, meaningful conversations
  • Callers should always sound unscripted
  • Follow up on time 
  1. Data management is key

The most important starting point is good, clean data that is up-to-date data and meets legal and compliance obligations, whilst being kept fully protected and secured.

Quality is key for data regardless of whether it is cold or warm, selected intelligently and appropriately data has a direct impact on the ROI of a campaign.

  1. Campaign debrief

Paramount to providing the telemarketing team with a good understanding of:

  • The product/service details, terms, conditions, promotions etc
  • The client’s current position within the marketplace
  • The role of the telemarketer, the part they are playing within the sales process
  • Best practice and examples of what a good call looks like
  • Hard skills

To learn more about the hard skills required and further insights on professional engagement using telemarketing, download our latest whitepaper which outlines best practice.

Is it just telemarketing or is it professional engagement? 

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