How would you class telemarketing?

By December 30, 2018Brittain Blog

Professional one-to-one communication

No matter what preconceptions you may have or past experiences, done well telemarketing is a very successful and proven form of direct marketing. A professional approach can result in positive, profitable and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Professional engagement puts the customer first, resulting in the freedom to engage time and time again.

Telemarketing is a B2B asset

Outbound telemarketing is increasingly the most economical and effective form of direct engagement for generating and maintaining one-to-one business relationships.

The advantages of a telemarketing strategy are:

  • Direct human approach
  • Low-cost communication
  • Tailored conversations
  • Effective relationship management

What can professional telemarketing provide?

Invaluable opportunities to communicate with a highly relevant and personalised offer in a timely, sensitive manner, using a professional one-to-one approach that builds relationships.

The added value of telemarketing

Done properly telemarketing gains insights and intelligence, to aid positioning and competitive advantage. An understanding of market segments, prospect buying motives, procurement policies and business requirements help inform and create competitive advantage.

Human interaction is essential to the wider marketing strategy

Human interaction creates successful business development opportunities. The majority of B2B sales are closed after face-to-face meetings. This underscores the importance of human interaction and reflects why telemarketing is key to creating B2B sales opportunities.

In the right context telemarketing is a highly valuable marketing tool, employed with skill and diligence.

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Is it just telemarketing or is it professional engagement?

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