Useful information when looking to engage a telemarketing agency

By January 4, 2019Brittain Blog
Telemarketing engagement for professionals

Experience counts

A client brief that states aims and objectives aids fair assessment of telemarketing agencies to ensure  best fit and successful outcomes. How an agency deals with your initial enquiry and brief also speaks volumes.

It also helps to check the following details against each agency:

  • Industry track record
  • Industry related client testimonials
  • Core business values
  • Systems and processes
  • Reporting
  • Level of professionalism
  • Call approach – script/not scrips
  • Database – use your own or acquire?

Typical forms of payment for a telemarketing campaign

 There tend to be two main payment options available:

Option 1: Pay on volume of leads generated

This option doesn’t tend to be beneficial for the client as payment is the motivator rather than quality leads, it, therefore, attracts a certain type of telemarketing agency that has commission plans in place and high staff turnover.

Training, quality standards, nurturing and workforce development are not apparent with agencies that operate under this option. Plus, the results tend to be poor with very little return on investment (ROI).

Consider the image you want to project!

Option 2: Pay on contract

A more favourable option, especially when it comes to actively manage the pipeline on an ongoing basis over a period of 12-24 months tends to establish agreement on the number of days to be dedicated to a campaign each month to achieve the desired outcomes.

This approach harbours commitment, establishes standards that positively impact the calls, as well as rapport for high-quality engagements and lead generation.

Telemarketing partners with this approach tend to have salaried employees that are committed, loyal, dedicated and professional, with industry-specific experience.


A final word…

Overall, find a Telemarketing Partner that listens and understands your industry. Also, check to see what added value they can provide through their overall approach to a campaign and how bespoke they can be.

Transparency is key here. The more transparent a telemarketing partner is around their offering, the better, as they will truly act as an extension to your sales and marketing team.

A true telemarketing partner will represent your business transparently

 For further insights on how to get telemarking right through a professional approach with industry-specific experience can be found in our latest whitepaper, which is available to download as a premium resource here:

 Is it just telemarketing or is it professional engagement?

This paper highlights the importance of professional telemarketing within B2B and outlines best practice for successful outcomes.

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